Onlinemarketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Onlinemarketing & Search Engine Optimisation

We offer online marketing and search engine optimisation for every kind of digital marketing. We can promise that your content will look coherent on any device, be it on desktop computers, smart phones or tablets. In co-operation with our Partners at Turner Media we can offer a wide range of digital markerting services.

Our services include:

  • Online-Videos
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimised websiten concepts
  • Paid Social-Ads
  • Social Media Posts
  • Search engine optimisation

If you'd like to know more about search engine optimisation, keep reading, have a look at the websites we've created or feel free to explore the Turner Media website.
Our expertise includes technical and professional search engine optimisation, as well as adapting your website and writing optimal articles & blog entries for improved discoverability. In addition, we offer loading time optimisation and reparation for your website. Find out more about our services here.

Marketing Schritt für Schritt

Getting started step by step with online marketing

You want to get your online marketing started and already defined your positioning. You've acquired the basic necessary skills. Now you've even created your own story for your product. You may have even set up your own website. The Google Maps entry is in place and your social media profiles are all set up, but somehow you don't know what to do next.
That's where we step in. During a free consultation, we find out together what areas of online marketing and SEO require attention. We then work out an an optimal solution for your company in cooperation with our partner, so that you can focus on the essentials again, leading your company.

Marketing, SEO and the future

Marketing, SEO & the future

As partner to many companies in the area of digitalisation, SEO & online marketing, we can tell from experience that an increasing number of people, as well as companies, are networking with each other faster than ever before. The important bit is to not lose touch in order to keep up with the competition.
A lot of companies neglect the area of online marketing and SEO. A reel or an ad placed at the right time may ensure that one of your products is sold out within seconds.
However, this is the best case. To achieve this kind of success story, the first step is to establish your company locally in the digital space in order to ultimately reach viral success. We will use our expertise to help you create new opportunities for your company, to connect with your customers and to spread your message.


Turner Media - Our partner for content marketing and SEO

time4digital improves your website with SEO and content, and we achieve even better results with our partner Turner Media.
Turner Media takes care of your online marketing, content marketing and search engine optimisation needs with great attention to detail. Your online marketing agency will help your company to increase the necessary digital reach, drive customer generation and strengthen customer loyalty. To create colourful and professional websites or social media accounts, you need professionals who know their way around videography, photography and website design. You can read in detail how our collaboration came about in our blog. You should keep in mind that co-operation creates innovation.

Online Marketing, the measurable factor

Online marketing: A measurable factor

Online marketing activities are a consistent measurable factor. Google Analytics, for example, offers a constant overview on the performance of your online campaigns, enabling you to map your campaigns down to the last detail and utilise your advertising budget accordingly.
This has considerable advantages compared to classic billboard- or flyer-campaigns. Thanks to the direct feedback in forms of figures and statistics, you can react in a very short time as to whether you'd prefer to continue using our ads, or have our partner start a new ad campaign using in form of reels, business fotos or advertising campaigns for television.

The best online marketing strategy

The best online marketing strategy for your company

As already mentioned, marketing measures that achieve a high reach are amongst the best online marketing strategies for your company. This can be achieved in particular through search engine optimisation or search engine marketing. Combined with video und photo content, this achieves fast and visible results. Nevertheless, the first step is to find out during consulting if an online marketing campaign is the right choice for you, as we aim to provide transparent an sustainable advice.

Good marketing

How to create good marketing?

Good marketing reaches your customers and converts new, potential ones. Therefore, it is impossible to give a generalised answer as to what constitues good marketing. We can promise however that your advertising message will certainly achieve a high reach with our technical expertise,

Development of a successful marketing strategy

Development of a successful marketing strategy

We help you to develop a successful marketing strategy. We will define your target audience and try to understand it together. We will define what makes your company special and how you want to inspire your customers.
If we've inspired you, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


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