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Matured by mistakes, grown by experience! "The first step to getting somewhere is to decide not to stay where you are!" – J. P. Morgan

Back in 2010, we ventured into the world of web development, unaware at the time of how diverse and powerful web powerful web applications can become. Back then, web development for us simply meant websites with a little a little more pizzazz than usual. Maybe we overused a few databases, but hey, we learnt from that! learnt from it! Today we would definitely approach it differently.

Customer satisfaction through continuous improvement

Customer satisfaction through continuous improvement

Nevertheless, we are proud of what our first project has become. For more than twelve years, our work has been continuously improved and expanded - to the complete satisfaction of our valued customers! From PHP applications with business logic directly in the database, we have evolved considerably.

Domain Driven & Clean Code - IDE

Domain-Driven & Clean Code

Today, we rely on state-of-the-art principles such as domain-driven design and utilise innovative approaches such as hexagonal architecture. Our backend and frontend are logically separated from each other and communicate via a secure API. Our repertoire includes various languages, including Java Spring Boot, React, Angular, TypeScript, .NET and C#, to name just a few. During development, we not only prioritise clean code and traceability, but above all the satisfaction of our customers.

Bewegung schafft Veränderung

Movement creates change - even online

In life and in business, as well as in the development of web applications and software, the timeless wisdom of J.P. Morgan applies: ‘If you want to move something, you have to move. In the course of our co-operation we have gained experience in various services. We are happy to use this experience to help you realise your ideas. Here are some of the services in which we have gained expertise in the course of our collaboration and which we are happy to use to help you realise your vision.

Integration and development of API interfaces

Integration and development of API interfaces

We offer the seamless integration of external API interfaces to extend the functionality of your web applications and enable data exchange with other systems. This allows you to access a wide range of external services and data sources to make your applications even more powerful.

Agile software development and web applications

Agile software development and web applications

In our development team, we considered that the use of agile methods leads to better results, higher quality and greater customer satisfaction. This enables us to continuously take your requirements into account during the development phase. We can therefore react flexibly to changes, ensuring that the end product meets your expectations.

CMS maintenance and support

Development of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

We used Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) during the development of our ERP system. As they can be used on both Apple devices (iPad) and Android devices, we have not only saved a lot of time here, but have also not overstretched the customer's wallet. Using the app even when there is no internet connection available is another feature that shows how powerful Progressive Web Apps can be in corporate use. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the Financial Times rely on PWAs, which further emphasises the relevance of the technology.

Design and implementation of complex applications - dice

Conception and realisation of complex applications

We can support you with our expertise and experience in the design and development of complex software applications. Although we are a small team, we have a good network of partners and have already developed several complex systems, including the creation of our own ERP system and the implementation of sophisticated scheduling and invoicing software.

Echtzeit-Datenverarbeitung mit WebSockets

Real-time data processing with WebSockets

We have already successfully implemented real-time processing and updating of views and dashboards for some of our customers. The use of WebSockets enables a permanent bi-directional connection between client and server, allowing real-time updates to be sent and propagated to each client. In our ERP system, we have coupled WebSocket technology with the Progressive Web App. This allows the customer to see who is currently processing which orders and their status in the planning calendar at any time.

Modernisation and refactoring of existing software solutions

We help you modernise your legacy software and make it fit for the future! By using modern and future-proof development standards and programming languages, we improve the security, maintainability and performance of your applications.

Technology consulting and framework selection

Rely on our experience and let us advise you on the selection of suitable technologies for the realisation of your software projects.

Design and development of dashboards and reports

Design and development of dashboards and reports

Our web applications have integrated various reporting tools such as BIRT or Jasper Studio. We also use Highcharts, PrimeNG and PrimeReact to create customised dashboards. Power BI, Apparo and Cognos are other tools we work with to create professional reports.

Building robust systems and database management

Building robust systems and database management

Robust backend systems and effective database management are crucial for successful software development. We support you in building powerful systems that manage your data securely and efficiently.

Innovative Frontend-Entwicklung bei time4digital

Innovative front-end development

At time4digital, we have extensive experience in the development of modern front-end web apps. Using the latest technologies such as Angular, React and TypeScript, we create unique and user-friendly interfaces where you set the limit. Basically, nothing is impossible! Our passion for challenges drives us to transform your ideas and visions into modern interfaces that lead you to digital success.

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